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About Our


Our entire Homer Glen veterinary team is truly committed to the companions we serve. We work closely with every patient and their family to ensure they have the best care possible.

At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, your pets are part of our family too.

About us

Colonial Manor Animal Hospital in Homer Glen, IL, is a full-service veterinary practice for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, reptiles, and exotics. We handle routine preventative care and treatments, as well as pet emergencies and surgery. Regular exams are a crucial part of our veterinary services because they allow us to get to know you and your pets, keep track of their health and act quickly once we notice changes. We practice the highest standards in performing all our veterinary services and use precise, state-of-the-art equipment for our prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital.

Our entire veterinary team is truly committed to the companions we serve. We work closely with every patient’s family to make sure they’re informed and prepared to create the healthiest lifestyle for their pets. We believe every pet deserves world-class care, so our mission is to ensure our family-owned, full-service animal hospital is ready to handle your pet’s unique needs. Our dedicated and caring team is one of the many reasons we continue to attract families from Homer Glen and the surrounding communities. Our hospital was founded in 1975 by Dr. George Ihrke, whose son Dr. David Ihrke now runs the practice. Learn more about our animal hospital and our dedicated doctors, technicians, and client service team. Call today to schedule an appointment for your pet! New clients are always welcome!

We're AAHA Accredited!

If you’re like most loving pet owners, you want that special companion animal in your life to receive only the best of everything, including the best possible veterinary care. But with so many veterinary clinics out there to choose from, how can you know for sure that your pet is in good hands? One way to know is going with a veterinary hospital that holds accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association — such as Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, right here in Homer Glen, IL.

About  AAHA

The American Animal Hospital Association is the only association in the U.S. solely devoted to the accreditation of veterinary facilities that serve companion animals. It also serves as an accrediting organization for certain other animal care providers such as military bases that use working dogs, providers or service-dog training, and various types of veterinary schools and training facilities. The association is dedicated to helping veterinary practitioners provide a measurably high standard of care so they can better meet the public’s needs, raising the overall quality of care for the entire veterinary field. AAHA’s involvement in the betterment of the animal care community extends to its membership in such organizations as Partners for Healthy Pets and the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, a foundation dedicated to studying and promoting the value of pets’ relationships with their people.

What Accreditation Tells You About Our Clinic

AAHA accreditation is no simple thing to achieve — which is why only 12 to 15 percent of the veterinary practices throughout North America have actually achieved it. An animal hospital that wants to be accredited must receive favorable evaluations on no fewer than 900 different standards of excellence in our field. These standards include everything from surgery, dental care, and anesthesiology to lab facilities, medical documentation, and diagnostic imaging. Even after that rare standard of overall excellence has been achieved by a facility, it is subject to review and renewal by AAHA every three years. That means Colonial Manor Animal Hospital hasn’t just reached the pinnacle of veterinary care — we continue to work hard to maintain our position at the top of the mountain.

Want the Best for Your Pet? Call Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

When your veterinary clinic can proudly display its ongoing AAHA accreditation, you know you’ve got one of the best facilities on the continent looking after your special friend’s health and wellness. It’s pretty hard to beat that level of reassurance, so visit us and discover just how well we can care for your pet. Call Colonial Manor Animal Hospital to set up an appointment!

Cat-Friendly Practice

As a pet owner, you want the best for your furry family member. You want them to be healthy, safe, and happy. This means creating a home environment that is secure, loving, and stimulating. It means good food and exercise and lots of attention.

You want the same for your pet when it comes to their health care. 

Taking your pet to an animal hospital is a necessary part of their regular care. Whether it is to get yearly vaccinations, a routine physical, or address an illness or injury, you want your pet to feel safe and comfortable.

Unfortunately, visiting the veterinarian is often a stressful experience for animals who don’t understand why they are there. Think about how stressful going to the dentist or doctor’s office can be for humans, now think about how sensitive your pet is.

The veterinarian’s office is highly stimulating to any animal. There are an overwhelming amount of smells, sights, and sounds. The environment can be stressful for dogs, but they are social animals who tend to take their cue from humans and are more easily adapted to new environments provided their humans are calm.

For cats, it’s often a different story. The animal hospital environment can feel extremely threatening, especially for a cat who isn’t accustomed to leaving the safety of the home. Add to that a waiting room full of larger animals, unfamiliar humans, and other cats, and the anxiety can escalate dramatically, especially when it comes time to be examined.

This Is Where Our Cat-Friendly Veterinarian Helps

Not all veterinary clinics are geared toward felines. A cat-friendly practice is a more accommodating environment that offers a more calming space and a greater level of knowledge and care.

Staff who are more educated regarding feline behavior and needs can approach your feline with increased confidence and a gentler touch. A waiting room that offers less stimulation and chaos helps cats stay calmer. This may include offering towels to put over your cat’s carrier, so he is less stressed by visual stimulation and offering feline-only examination rooms so that the smell of dogs doesn’t threaten him.

A combination of a cat-friendly environment and knowledgeable staff who are trained to handle felines means your kitty gets the best possible care with less stress and anxiety for you as well as your cat.

Colonial Manor Animal Hospital Is Here For Your Feline

If you are a cat owner looking for a veterinarian specializing in felines, we welcome you to our practice. We have been serving the community for over 45 years, and although we also treat dogs and exotics, we pride ourselves on being cat-friendly. Whether you are in need of a well-pet check-up, dentistry, emergency care, or microchipping, Colonial Manor Animal Hospital offers quality care for all your pets. Call today at (708) 301-8200 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our practice.