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At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, we’re proud to be the leading provider of dermatology care for notorious skin problems in Homer Glen and surrounding regions.

Dermatology Care for Skin Irritation in Homer Glen, IL

and treatment

Sores and hot spots, incessant chewing, and scratching, and a dull coat – sound familiar symptoms with your pet? Skin problems present the major reason for appointments that a veterinarian sees in a typical day. Thus, it’s worth every effort to know the most common forms of skin irritation, and when to see a dermatologist.

Hair Loss
Animal hair loss can be caused by many factors. These include infections, reactions to certain medications, hormonal changes, ringworm, allergies, and nutrient deficiency among many others. A dermatologist is your best option for establishing the real cause of the problem, and s/he will conduct physical examination tests and recommend the appropriate treatment for your animal. The treatment can range from medication such as antibiotics to hormone therapy, hydrocortisone shampoos, and sprays among others.
Skin Rashes

A rash can be described as a dry, dull coat that typically causes skin itching to your pet. This condition is very common in animals, but it is usually not that difficult to alleviate if it is accurately diagnosed. Although rashes do not pose long-term health risks to your animal, you may definitely want them checked by a qualified dermatologist as soon as they appear to keep your animal well-groomed, comfortable, and healthy. Most skin rashes require treatment with medication, but your veterinarian may also recommend dietary changes to remedy the problem.


An allergic reaction is another common form of skin irritation affecting many pets today. Also referred to as Contact Dermatitis, allergic irritations have something to do with what your animal rubbed against, inhaled, or ate. These do not exclude the unforgiving allergies caused by insects, pollens, molds, or dietary problems associated with some pet food ingredients. It is also very likely to have allergic reactions triggered when your animal comes in contact with household detergents, poison ivy, hay, and road salts. An allergic irritation can make your pet uncomfortable, restless, and sleepless at night. Thus, seeing a skin veterinarian saves your pet from such agonizing behaviors.

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