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At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing Homer Glen residents with reliable veterinary care.

Reptile Care and Consultation at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

Caring for your
reptile pets

Many reptiles have been kept in tight quarters and bred and delivered as units of product for the pet store industry, with little thought about their needs as reptiles. Reptiles are popular as pets because of the perception that they require minimal care. While they are lower-maintenance than some other types of pets, there are still measures that must be taken to ensure your reptile lives a healthy and fulfilled life.

Snakes can live for decades. The larger a snake gets, the more space it needs to live comfortably and healthily. Fresh water and a clean cage environment are musts. Snakes don’t wallow around in their waste, often moving in the wild from area to area. Temperature control is a huge issue as reptiles can’t regulate their body temperature, and this factor can lead to several health problems.
Iguanas & Geckos
Tropical by nature, both of these reptile types are common in pet stores and are often picked because they move around slowly and can be handled. However, iguanas can live for at least two decades and get well up to 6 feet in length. Geckos live even longer, up to 30 years, but they don’t grow as big. Both need humid environments with highly-controlled conditions to keep them healthy.
Turtles are often chosen as pets because they too seem to need little care. In reality, turtles can be prone to fungi and bacteria given they sit in the water a lot, and they need a solid diet. Well taken care of, they can live well over two decades. Many turtle owners do not keep their pet’s living area clean and well-maintained. Since turtles live in a wet environment, a neglected area can start to rot and become fetid, which will become hazardous to the turtle.
Veterinary Care for Reptiles in Homer Glen

At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, our veterinarian and the rest of our team have been specifically trained in reptile care. With a regular veterinary care schedule and considerate monitoring, reptiles can live out their full life spans comfortably and happily. For more information on veterinary care for reptiles or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (708) 301-8200.