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Stem Cell &

PRP Therapy

Discover how pets can benefit from stem cell therapy and PRP therapy thanks to your leading veterinarian in the Homer Glen area.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Pets at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

A New Way
To Treat Injuries

For the latest in wound care, healing, and pain relief there is stem cell and PRP therapy in Homer Glen, IL. For individuals interested in alternative treatment methods for pets in IL, the Colonial Manor Animal Hospital is ready to assist you. We are currently providing this revolutionary therapy for treating injuries and improving healing.

Stem Cell Therapy
Pets benefit from stem cell therapy in the same way that humans do. Stem cells are used to increase the cell growth in pets. For regenerative stem cell therapy, this can even grow back new tissue. Your pet’s stem cells are taken and used to grow new cells. These new cells are injected into the problem area to ensure the greatest benefit. Cats, horses, and dogs that suffer from joint, ligament, or tendon pain can experience pain relief and healing with this therapy. It may even be possible to store your pet’s stem cells for future use at the Colonial Manor Animal Hospital.
Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy is a popular anti-aging treatment for women to help reduce wrinkles and improve circulation. Yet for pets, PRP therapy is conducted using your pet’s platelet-rich plasma. First, withdrawing some of your pet’s blood is done and then spun using a special centrifuge that separates the plasma from the red blood cells.

Your pet’s vet then gathers only the plasma and injects it into their swollen muscle, torn ligament, or cracked bone. This aids in healing by transferring the substance-rich plasma with new, healthy cells directly to the injured or diseased area. The sooner that healing begins, the faster the pain is naturally relieved for your pet. Using platelet-rich plasma aids in this process and gets your pet back up and running again sooner.

Benefits of Alternative Treatment Methods for Pets in IL
For pet owners who want to improve the health and wellness, and even abilities, these alternative treatment methods for Pets in IL offer substantial gains. FDA-approved methods, stem cell therapy and PRP therapy have been lab tested. They can be used for treating your pet’s conditions safely and effectively.

Also, if your pet suffers from chronic pain, these therapies are a natural alternative to prescription pain medications and surgeries. Your Homer Glen veterinarian can reduce inflammation and swelling using stem cell therapy, which will remedy the painful situation.

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The Colonial Manor Animal Hospital in Homer Glen is a staple provider of vet care in this community. We have been treating pets with the finest animal services for more than 45 years. Stem cell and PRP therapies are an example of this service. If you are interested in using stem cell therapy or PRP therapy for your pet, contact our office at (708) 301-8200.