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Weight Loss


At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital in Homer Glen, IL, we aid in weight loss for pets by designing a diet and exercise program for your cat or dog.

Weight Loss Program for Dogs and Cats at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

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Many dogs and cats are overweight and must lose weight to improve their health. Cats and dogs gain weight because they eat too much and do not exercise enough. Other causes of pet obesity include chronic illness, spaying and neutering, and genetics. There are many potential causes of pet obesity, so we treat each patient individually. Extra weight can cause your pet to develop chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, and bladder problems. To avoid these problems, weight loss for pets is essential.

Causes of Weight Gain in Dogs and Cats
One of the biggest causes of pet obesity is overfeeding. Some owners feed their pets frequent meals, table scraps, and treats. When these pets do not get regular exercise, they quickly become obese. Another potential cause of pet obesity is spaying and neutering. This procedure causes hormonal changes in your pet, leading to them needing fewer calories to function. Though spaying and neutering are useful services, it is important to understand how they can impact your pet’s nutritional needs. Some pets suffer from conditions that cause them to gain weight quickly, while others are predisposed to obesity due to genetics.
Weight Loss for Pets in Homer Glen

Our veterinarian will begin by taking note of your pet’s weight, body fat, and overall health. Blood tests may be required to detect any underlying medical conditions. After examining your pet to determine the cause of their obesity, our veterinarians will design a diet and exercise program tailored to your pet’s needs. Sometimes, our veterinarians may prescribe medications that aid in weight loss for pets. We have both dry and canned formulas designed to address the weight loss needs of all kinds of pets. We also have special formulas for pets with chronic health conditions and formulas designed for the nutritional needs of kittens, puppies, adult cats, adult dogs, and seniors. Our veterinarian recommends you come in for regular check-ups following the creation of your pet’s diet and exercise plan so your pet’s progress can be monitored.

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