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Exotic Pet


Learn how we can help your exotic pets here at your Homer Glen veterinarian.

Exotic Pet Care at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

Specialized Care for
Special pets

If you have a need for exotic pet care in Homer Glen, we offer more than 40 years of combined experience with this category of animals. The Colonial Manor Animal Hospital provides exotic pet care to birds, reptiles, small mammals, and pocket pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. If you have a pet that falls into one of these categories, we have you covered.

Routine Exams for Exotic Pets
Exotic pets need routine physical exams just like dogs and cats do. You should bring your birds, pocket pets, and reptiles in to get an exam at least once per year. If the vet at the animal hospital in Homer Glen finds something out of place with your pet, or your animal suffers a medical emergency, you may need to get a specialized exam. These exams are focused on diagnostics to determine what is causing the problem with your pet. We offer comprehensive testing for health conditions, along with pet surgery.
Pet Surgery At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital
If your exotic pet is in need of pet surgery, we can help here at the Colonial Manor Animal Hospital. We work with pet owners whose pets need elective surgery or emergency services every day. This includes spaying and neutering pets, advanced soft tissue surgery, video endoscopy, and stem cell therapy. We will walk you through everything that will take place during the procedure. Your pet will be in the best of hands at your exotic pet veterinarian in Homer Glen.
Dentistry For Exotic Pets

Any animal that has teeth requires the attention of a pet dentist. In pet dentistry, the goal is to ensure that the animal’s teeth, gums, and soft tissue are in the best shape. Since pets are eating a much less natural diet than they would in their natural habitat, their teeth and gums are suffering. Exotic pets that eat a processed diet are consuming more sugar and less natural fiber. This takes its toll on your pet’s oral health, and it can also be prevented with regular dental checkups. Organize to have your pet’s dental checks near the same time as their routine physical exam. This way, your pet is already familiar with coming to the vet recently and may feel more at ease.

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